Since the start of Trafford Pétanque, we have continued to spread the love of the sport both digitally & in the real world in an attempt to encourage people to play #Pétanque. But what is meant by our #ballsout attitude and can you do the same?

In 2016, when there were only two members, we met each weekend in the local park. With the aid of a large set of leisure boules and some hand-painted signs, we invited people to play Pétanque. This was with the goal of partaking in an enjoyable experience, bringing people together and introducing new people to the sport.

Trafford Pétanque isn't just a club that has members who come and play, enter tournaments and who then go home to rest. Our commitment is continual. We work endlessly to aid the bigger picture so that the public, players, established clubs and even the governing bodies of the sport can benefit. Check out our latest work we have engineered online to help support La British Open. On top of this, we have helped other clubs establish a Social Media presence in order to support their great work. Having a strong digital presence, of high quality content, published regularly, is just one important approach that you can take to increase exposure of the sport and your club very easily. For many clubs, this can be the gateway to attracting more players and the next crop of Pétanque champions.

Advantages can be gained from communicating with your club members or individuals willing to help in an effort to identify what skills can be utilised. Questions to ask yourself are, are you on all the main Social Media platforms? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube?) How does the standard of content you publish compare to modern digital marketing practices? Is your club attractive enough to warrant investment via sponsorship? If you can tap into some of the skills available to you this can be great for your club and the sport as a whole.

Why you should go #ballsout ?

The term balls-out has interesting origins and does not always refer to what you may first think. Instead, it is a phrase that has a lot to do with a Centrifugal Governor. The weights (balls) of this peice of engineering would move outwards when the machine would be going full-throttle.

For us, going full-throttle reflects our modern, proactive view towards the sport. #Ballsout is an attitude that we invite others to adopt and embrace. No matter what your level or ability is, the opposition you face, where the terrain is situated or even what the weather is like, you should be fearless to have a go and enjoy the moment.

Again good questions to ask yourself are; Do you really need that winter break? Or should you be playing all year round? Are you new to the sport and feel that you are not at competition standard yet? Well we believe you should get out there and play regardless.

So pick up that steel and get playing wherever you can, as Pétanque is a sport for all and a sport for life.


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